IMAF Cape Fear is a member-owned and member-managed limited liability company, organized to provide members an opportunity for active involvement in a diversified capital investment process.  IMAF Cape Fear is part of the Inception Micro Angel Fund (IMAF), which is a member-managed seed stage angel capital fund designed to capitalize on the growth in entrepreneurial activity and venture financing, primarily in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina and greater North Carolina.

The Fund seeks to involve primarily a base of successful investors from a wide variety of professional fields throughout the Cape Fear region. The fund will seek to enhance the wealth creation of its members by investing dollars as well as time and relationships in early stage, high quality, and high growth companies in the Cape Fear region and other geographic areas if appropriate in order that those companies achieve success.

The IMAF Cape Fear Fund is managed by Cornerstone Business Advisors.  Cornerstone helps Entrepreneurs achieve their business vision through business coaching, peer advisory boards and private equity funding.

As of May, 2017 the FUND invested the all of the capital raised and is currently in harvest mode (i.e., we are no longer considering new investments).